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Which Material Is Good For Stone Ball Fountain?

December 27, 2019

The natural stone ball fountain as a popular style of fountain product, that play important role at the market. As we know there with many projects like to use sphere stone fountain product as decoration. In addition, the most popular stone ball fountain also with very good performance and long time service life.

Just as word said, this kind of product made by natural stone. But we know the natural stone materials also in rich choose too. For example, there with natural granite, marble and travertine,blue limestone, lava stone and basalt stone,etc. So many various types stone materials, which is good use for stone ball fountain? As a professional stone water fountain factory from China, we want to introduce here

1 Natural Marble Ball Fountain

The natural marble is a very popular stone material, that with wide application in the market. Indeed, this material not just for produce stone ball fountain, but it is also can be design and produce in other products.Like as the popular marble statue sculpture, marble floor tiles and marble kitchen countertop, marble vanity top, etc. The rich shapes products also make more peoples like to choose and select marble stone use. Indeed, the marble ball fountain with popular use too. There with rich marble materials can choose too. In general, the marble ball fountain almost most famous and popular stone ball fountain product. As the marble is easy carving for any size sphere ball.

2 Natural Granite Ball Fountain

The granite as most high hardness natural stone material, that also with wide use too. At the daily life, the peoples often use granite stone for produce granite wall cladding tiles, granite paving stone,etc. In addition, the granite ball fountain also is popular too. As this type of product often used for outdoor landscaping stone projects,and with long time service life.

3 Natural Travertine Ball Fountain

The travertine stone with easy carving style,that also suitable for produce stone water fountain. But this material is not often used for produce sphere stone fountain.As we know there always with micro holes on the surface, and make the fountain sphere ball can not smoothly like as other stone in polish surface, that will effect the sphere stone fountainw working. Of course, this material often to produce other stone water fountain too.

4 Blue Limestone Ball Fountain

The blue limestone as a friendly environment material, it is also popular in market too. At the daily life, there with many peoples use it for produce high quality stone fountain. Just the material color in light blue color.At the same time, just often used for outdoor use too

5 Basalt Ball Fountain

The natural basalt stone also is a popular shape material too. In the China, the most popular basalt stone in black or dark grey color.In addition, the basalt physical data is often is great and suitable for produce rich shapes products. Especially, this basalt stone ball fountain also with good quality and price too.

The customers can choose special shape of stone water fountain for own projects. As we know every type of stone fountain with own special detailed and feature.

Basalt Ball Fountain

Basalt Ball Fountain

Granite Ball Fountain

Granite Ball Fountain

Marble Ball Fountain

Marble Ball Fountain

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