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Rolling Sphere Fountains Popular Size List

December 29, 2019

In the market, the peoples like various types of stone water fountain. At the daily life, the Rolling Sphere Fountains with very great looks and easy use ,there with a lot of peoples use it. In addition,as  a professional stone water fountain factory from China, we has produce this type of products with various styles and patterns.

In general, our sales peoples often meet various questions from different customers. In those questions, there with many customers interest use Rolling Sphere Fountains for personal home garden or other public park projects. What is popular size list for this kind of stone fountain? Is it with good price and easy maintenance?

We know that Rolling Sphere Fountains can be made in many stone materials. The most popular types like as natural marble and granite,travertine,etc. That can depends on the projects detailed to choose use which one. Various stone material, that with different biggest size for the raw blocks. Then this also will decides the stone water fountain size too. In general, the Rolling Sphere Fountains Size is with 2 parts in mainly. The fountain sphere ball size and fountain base size. Of course, the stone sphere ball size that almost the most important for determine the fountain big or small. As the workers always design the fountain base,that depends on the sphere size too.

For example, the most popular stone ball of Rolling Sphere Fountains size in diameter 40cm 50cm,60cm,70cm,80cm,100cm,120cm,etc. As the most popular natural stone materials that can be design in those size list too. In addition, the sphere fountains base size can be design in round and rectangle shape. The popular size in high 30cm to 60cm,et c,and the size of base in 200cm to 350cm,etc.

When you ready to use Rolling Sphere Fountains for your buildings decoration.That also should be check your buildings projects location, size,etc. As those all info that also will decides the sphere stone fountains size list too. As our company with rich experience in produce natural stone fountain products, we always can produce it with customers requested size list. Of course, the workers also will supply our advises too. Welcome contact with us, if there with any questions,etc

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