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Black Granite Ball Fountain Materials Choose

December 31, 2019

The Black Granite Ball Fountain is a very popular style products. That products not just popular in outdoor projects, but some times, we also can use it for high class indoor buildings use too. In general, there with rich stone materials can be produce and used for Granite Ball Fountain produce and design. Our factory with many years experience, and want to give customers some detailed info about this products materials.

When peoples talking about the stone water fountain products. There must be with some different colors, patterns, sizes and various styles can choose. Stone Ball Fountain Factory has produce stone fountain products more than 10 years. Meanwhile, there with many famous fountain projects that made by us. With the new design style developing, more and more peoples like use Black Granite Ball Fountain products. Then the questions is coming, what materials is good for produce this products? How to choose Black Granite materials for water fountain?

At first, we should to know the Black Granite Ball Fountain normally made by 2 parts. The one is fountain ball sphere, and other is fountain base. In general, the fountain ball in popular diameter 40cm to 200cm,and the fountain pool base will do in proportion. In general, we can choose Chinese Black Granite, Indian Black Granite, and other imported black granite to produce it. So much different materials, which is better for fountain produce? Indeed, we know the different granite materials with various features and advantages. That also need the factory select correct materials too. In general, we have to choose the granite materials that is suitable for carving and cutting,as the stone ball fountain often with complex shapes carvings.

In the China, we can choose many good black granite materials. The famous like as Shanxi Black Granite, Mongolia Black Granite, China Black Granite, and other popular types. In those materials ,some in very high price, and some with good price. That should be check the buyers demand and request. The Shanxi Black Granite with very high degree polish surface, but it is also with high price too. The Mongolia Black with cheap price, but it is can not do too big size of stone ball fountain. Then we can know that every material with own advantages and disadvantages together.

In other hand, if customers choose Indian Black Granite for Granite Ball Fountain produce. Then also with some things should be notice. Such as Black Galaxy Granite fountain will with some golden spots on the surface,etc. That means, when we want to use Black Granite Ball Fountain for decoration,the materials choose is very important. In addition, the best way is that can confirm with the Stone Water Fountain Factory.

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